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The Code of Conduct is published to ensure that all members of WWHC always maintain a high standard of self-discipline and good behaviour when representing the club. 


This code extends to all members and committee members. As does it apply to both home and away matches, on and off the pitch, use of social media and messaging services. It is designed to ensure and maintain an enjoyable, inclusive experience for all involved.


All members are expected to act in a manner consistent with the Code of Conduct listed below and in line with the England Hockey Code of Ethics and Behaviour booklet. Also known as Respect.  Full copy available here. 

All members...

  • Will conduct themselves fairly and properly on and off pitch (inc social media and chat groups)

  • Will NOT engage in verbal, physical abuse or hostility to other players, umpires, coaches or members of the public

  • Will NOT dispute decisions nor react provocatively towards Umpires at any time, all issues will be addressed to by the Captain

  • Will NOT engage in crude, abusive and personal ‘sledging’ of players / officials verbally or via social media or messaging services

  • Will NOT engage in excessive and/or intimidatory appealing

  • Will respect and welcome all players and guests to WWHC

  • At all times act in a manner consistent with the spirit of the game and the reputation of WWHC

  • Be respectful of all on and off the pitch (inc social media and chat groups)

  • Respect fellow members, staff, officials, opposing players and spectators

  • Respect decisions made by Officials

  • Treat facilities and equipment with respect

  • Be inclusive of all on and off pitch (inc social media and chat groups) where appropriate


The WWHC Committee are determined to ensure that the behaviour outlined above will be conducted by all members and will follow the procedures laid down by England Hockey to deal with any breaches of our values and behaviours that may occur.

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